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My Musical Soulmates: Etta James and Whitney Houston



Words cannot describe how sad I am at the news of first Etta James passing and then 3 weeks later the passing of Whitney Houston. My heart breaks at the loss of these two incredible, talented, and beautiful women!  I love these women, their music, their stories. Rest in peace Etta and Whitney, you blessed this world with a gift no one ever will be able match. You inspired me to live big, love great, and push forward through all life’s trials and tribulations! You will both be missed and always loved. Rest in peace. 



Another Update Schumpdate


Well I sure haven’t blogged in a while, so let me give you the usual excuse…..life has been hectic. I’ll give you an outline/bulleted list, sound good?

  • I moved with my twin brother and my parents from Baldwin City to Gardner at the beginning of July. Therefore, all of June was filled with pack the house and prepping to move. June was a crazy month to say the least, but it was full of beautiful change.

  • July came and as I stated the first weekend we moved.

  • The second weekend my family and I went down to Wichita to celebrate my older brother Bryan being ordained as a pastor. You can just call him Rev now, no big deal. (pictures are from my sister-in-laws blog, Ashley Dunham. Check her blog out she is such a cutie!)

  • The third weekend was my birthday weekend. I turned 21, crazy I know. I had a wonderful weekend celebrating with my best friend, Ainsley and some wonderful friends.

  • The fourth weekend I helped take part in throwing a surprise birthday for a wonderful close friend of mine, Stormie Colvin. She is lovely and her birthday July 15th just one day after mine. She turned 18 and is wise beyond her years. I love this girl! Her and I went on a date Saturday afternoon to the miniature toy museum, lunch on the plaza, and a stop at a pet shop to enjoy some cute little puppies. Then, I took her to Hope Alive to her surprise party. It was a blast, full of pictures, food, and love/appreciation for Stormie.

  • The fifth weekend in July I went up to Manhattan, KS to help my older sister Laura and her husband Mark organize their apartment. They are expecting a beautiful baby boy in December 2011. They wanted some help in organizing their life to welcome this bundle of greatness. So me and Ainsley drove 2 hours to them and enjoyed organizing, cleaning, and hanging out with my wonderful siblings.

  • Now we are to August, which has been somewhat uneventful. The first two weekends I have been helping my mother at Moonlight Elementary setting up her fourth grade classroom. It is some serious hard work, being a teacher is hard. But it was fun hanging out with my mom and helping her get stuff done.

  • It is Tuesday and before I know it will be the third weekend of August. What do I have planned for this weekend you ask? Well on Thursday I am leaving work early to get my wisdom teeth removed. It is going to be intense, because my teeth are unlike most people who get theirs out while their wisdom teeth are still under the gum or just slightly broken through the gum. My wisdom teeth have been coming in for a little over 3 years. So they are currently sitting just as tall as my molars. Therefore my roots are WAY too deep. So it’s going to be a little more intense of a recovery I suppose, which sucks, but whatever. I got to do what I got to do, you know?


Well there you have it another Update Schumpdate! J So until next time when I post about something other than catching up my blog up, have a wonderful end of the summer and say a few alliterations in a day it will make you smile more. Tah Tah for now!

21 Things I Love About My Twin, Bennett Dunham


21 Things I Love About My Twin, Bennett Dunham

21. I love the fact you’re my twin. I know I deny it everywhere I go and I still claim to this day that you are adopted, but I love that we are twins.

20. I love how detailed oriented you can be. That is one thing we seriously have in common. When it comes to your things/room, your hobbies, your passion you are very organized. I really noticed this yesterday when I saw a few sticky notes on your compute desk that had To Do Lists written on them. We be ballin with our sticky notes and dry erase boards of to do lists. : )

19. I love how you hate wrinkles on clothes. You, mom, Bryan, and maybe Mark are like the only ones in our family who obsess over ironing. #IroningClubMembers

18. I love that you and I both share a love for music. Ok, ok, ok….not just a love, but rather an obsessive compulsive, stalker like relationship love for music. Songs that remind me of you: Where Is The Love by Black Eyed Peas, One Week by The Barenaked Ladies, Po Folks by Nappy Roots, Good Day by Nappy Roots, Back At One by Brian McKnight, Mountain Dew by KJ-52, The Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco, Get Like Me by David Banner, Will You Be There by Michael Jackson, and like a bazillion more. 🙂

17. I love that since we are twins we grew up listening to all the same stuff. Stuff our siblings and parents listened to. Like Leah and her “I like big butts and I cannot lie!” and Dave Matthews Band, Bryan and his MXPX, BeanBag, and Creed, Laura and her Rascal Flatts, Anthony Hamilton, Lauryn Hill, Will Smith, and Simple Plan, Dad and his Jazz, Worship Music, and interesting “Jesus Music”, and mom and her worship music and Dean Martin. I love that we both have the widest music genre love.

16. I love that face you make when you think I am nucking futs! The one where you are just about to burst out in a serious case of the giggles, but are still pondering what I just said or did. It is hilarious! I love it! : )

15. I love how you shave your neck more frequently than I shave my legs. Scary thought I know. But for reals man, your personal hygiene is INCREDIBLE! Fit for a king!

 14. One of my favorite memories is when we ran away in 5th grade. We only made it like 6 blocks from the house, but I got scared of a GIANT, FEROCIOUS, MAN EATING SPIDER! And you were still willing to come back home with me cause I was so scared. Then when we got home and we got grounded to our rooms we made up a secret wall tapping language and we talked through the walls and we shared out Altoids with each other cause mom and dad starved us at dinner time. And then when it was time for spankings we totally put on all of our undies so the spanking wouldn’t hurt as bad. And yeah we definitely got away with it! BALLIN!!!!! BEST MEMORIES EVER!!!!

13. I love how we were the only 2 in the family to stick up for Shadow. I miss that chubby, long black hair, cute as a button cat. May he rest in peace. #bestfamilypets

12. I love your head bobbing. Ever since you heard your very first music note you have been bobbing your head. It goes to show you have music in your soul, music is apart of your DNA, music is you and you are music. It is amazing B! I seriously don’t know many people in this world who loves music and everything about music and that comes with music (lyrics, beats, instruments, artists, the music biz, the inspirations, the consistency, the hard work, the sacrifice, etc.). When you bob your head when you have head phones on, when there is music playing out loud, and even when there is no music playing you still bob your head cause music is in your head, heart, and body. You think, breathe, eat, and live music. I see it in you every stinkin day! Never stop loving it the way you do. No one else in this world loves music, the art of music, the dedication of music, the healing power of music like you do.

11. I love you and your many hairstyles through out the years. You and you hair! Oh the stories I could tell about you and your hair.

10. I love the fact that people say we look SOOOO MUCH a like and then we both have the same response…. “psssshhh…whatever! We look nothing a like!!!!” but secretly we know that we are actually the best looking people around! Man…PHEW WEEE……we are SMOKIN HOTT BABES! Noone can touch our twin beauty. #ballin

9. I love your ability to find trashed/thrown out things and take them in and clean them up and make them work and look like brand new!  i.e. when you took on that tv or whatever from Ashley Campbell in like 7th or 8th grade and you fixed it right up and made it work. All the laptops you have found that were trashed and you fixed them right up. The list could go on and on.

8. I love that you get excited about anything and everything. We are also alike in this way. We get inspired to do something, make something, go somewhere, change something and we just obsess all over it until we either accomplish it or it just doesn’t work out. We give all we got to the things, the people, and the talents we love. You however, have much more passion than I am. Man you get excited and that passion infects everyone else around and before you know it you have everyone and their mama rooting for you. #YouAreALeaderNotAFollower

7. I love the memory of you, Katie Kynion, and me sitting in the family room at the spring hill house back in like summer of 2008. We were talking about some people and then you went off in this tangent/impersonation of a NBA basketball player who was parapalegic and like a whole bunch of other things. Like seriously that moment was probably one of the funniest things you have ever done. I so wish I got that on camera and I’m sure Kate would agree. 🙂 lol

6.  I love that when we made the transition from home school to public school in 7th grade you didn’t forget about me. You introduced me to all the new friends you made which in turn helped me make new friends. I was way WAY way shy back then,  but you weren’t and you helped me make friend in 7th grade. Thank you for that.

5. I love how you and Ainsley have an on going count of who has eaten green cabbage with me. Hahahaha

4. I love how we have learned to mostly get along with each other. I mean we still argue randomly, but I am no longer throwing knives at you and you are no longer blowing needle darts at me with your blow dart gun. #goodtimes #goodtimes

3. I love how we can actually tell what each other is thinking sometimes. Its weird, I know. It’s like we have ESP because we are twins or something. Hehehe….but yeah we get each other pretty darn well, whether we like it or not. Most of the times you understand me the best and most of times I understand you the best. We are not just bro and sis we are friends, best friends whether we admit it in public or not.

2. I love how growing up you never got mad at me for giving you nicknames that had to do with terrorists. : ) Benito! Binladen!


1. The greatest thing I love about you is you. I love how you never give up. I love how you love with out expecting anything in return. I love you accept people with no judgment. I love your voice (you need to sing more!)! I love you style, your swag, your funky freshness! I love you, Bennett William Dunham, the best twin brother a sister could as for. I love how a lot of the times I am so mad at you I just want to punch you in the rocks, but somehow you make me laugh and so I am laughing to hard to be mad. I love you care about me. I love how you know what make me laugh. I love how you lean on me and you let me lean on you in hard or sad times. I love you a lot. Happy birthday Bennett! Now let’s party it up! Here is to 21 more years and more!!!!!!! ❤


21 Things I Love About My Best Friend, @MyLifeAsAinsley:


Happy Birthday to the most incredible, GORGEOUS, inspirational, hilarious, loving, BEAUTIFUL, wonderful and talented woman who ever walked this planet! I love you Ainsley Ann Kopaczewski! You and I we are best friends and closer than sisters forever and always. ♥


21 Things I Love About My Best Friend, @MyLifeAsAinsley:


21. I love the way you, & only you can pull off wearing a bright orange romper that is 2 sizes to small in the middle of Salvation Army. #HAPPY21stBIRTHDAY

20. I love, LOVE, love how you love your mom & are so incredibly close to her. You are so good to your family. #HAPPY21stBDAY

19. I love the way you chew on your bottom lip/lip studs when you are thinking or bored. You are just too cute. 🙂 #HAPPY21stBIRTHDAY #BFF

18. I love how you appreciate & purchase the little random things in life. i.e. Cat earrings, red hat society crap, jars full of pure awesomeness, batman bobble heads, one-of-a-kind tights, & the list goes on and on. #HappyHappyHappyHappyBirthdayBestFriend


17. I love the fact that you are my soul mate. You have officially gotten into my head & know what I’m going to say before I say it, you know what I am thinking all the time, you somehow just know when to call when I am home crying in bed, you push me to be better, you love me when I am retarded & when I am slightly less retarded, you inspire me in every way possible, you teach me to loosen up & just love the day we are in, you love my chubby bunny self. You have loved me when through so much, when no one else was there, you have cared for me when I have been sick, depressed, heart-broken, stripped down to nothing, you have loved me in my worst and in my best. Jeeze, its crazy we are like an old married couple, who would have ever thought us two would turn out to be best friends? I feel bad for our future husbands, cause man they got A LOT TO DEAL WITH when it comes to our friendship. #HappyBirthdayMyBeautifulBestFriend

16.  I love your incredible ability to know every word to EVERY SONG EVER WRITTEN! You hear a song once & BAMM!! you know all the lyrics. #21stBirthday #BestFriends

15. I love that you are a touchy feely person, ya that sounds creepy, but I love that you aren’t afraid to hug people and get into their faces, not in a rude or uncomfortable manner, but in such a peaceful & comforting manner. You are just so loving at times. 🙂 #BFF #21

14. I love your face!!!!! You are just seriously so freakin cute!!!! Your joyful smile, your glowing eyes filled with happiness & adventure…..ahhhhhhhhhhh you are just so beautifully gorgeous!!!!! #21ThingsILoveAboutMyBestFriend #Ainsleys21stBDAY #BornMay3,1990 #21onMay3,2011

13. I love when you laugh really hard, the laughs of yours that I am referring to, you don’t do often. You mostly do it when I am doing my rare laugh when I am like not breathing, but making that noise. Man, when you laugh at that, oh jeeze….I just loves it!!!! : D #bestmemorieswithmybestfriend #happybirthdayainsley

12. I love YOUr fashion and immaculate style. Period. Enough said. : ) #happyBIRTHDAY

11. I love your deep DEEP deep appreciation for all things gummy and fruity. Swedish Fish and Mike and Ikes, baby! #birthdaylovin10. I love how you get excited, I mean really really REALLY excited when you see cute little old couples. Ok, let’s be realistic, you get excited when you see any elderly person in public. 🙂 #HappyBDAY

10. I love how you get excited, I mean really really REALLY excited when you see cute little old couples. Ok, let’s be realistic, you get excited when you see any elderly person in public. 🙂 #HappyBDAY

9. I love how your name starts with an A and mine with a B. We are the beginning of the alphabet and that is just how we roll. #ballin!!! #21baby #BDAY

8. I love how you always correct me when I FAIL EPICLY at saying phrases or sayings. BABOOSHK or is it BOOSHK or is it BAMBOO or is it BABOON? #bestiesbirthdaytoday

7. I love how you are determined to find the heart of the ocean in my grandma’s belongings. 😉 I love how you love my family & for the most part, some of my family loves you. Lol        #ainsleyrockinNrollinonher21stbday

6. I love how you haven’t removed me from your twitter followers for posting all this on the World Wide Web! #happybdymyLEMONDROPandLOLLIPOP

5. I love you ability to go with the flow of anything & everything. No matter if it is just going out to get some beer & making a detour to get Red Bull & Gatorade or when making decisions on the future & being so comfortable & at peace with just flowing with the winds of life. It’s amazing how you do it. Jeeze oh jeeze how I wish I could flow like you, but I guess my over compulsive planning & your easy-going flow is what makes us perfect for each other. 🙂 #HappyDayAfterYour21stBirthday

4. I love that face you make when you all of a sudden realize I made a racist joke about you. You are my little Japanese Beaner living in the heart of theUnited States. : ) #PuertoRican #Polish #Japanese #American #African #This*hahahaha*Indian #NotThis*dot*Indian #HappyBelatedBirthdayMyMultiCultureGirl

3. I love how you pretend to be asleep when I come down in the morning to wake you up and I sing to you “Wakie Wakie Nakie Nakie! Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning Ainsley! It’s wakie wakie time!!!!” and you don’t even budge you just let me enjoy my time of singing in the morning. But actually I think you don’t budge cause you wait till I get close enough you so you can reach up and slap me and tell me to go back to be. Hahahaha… Not really sure sometimes which motive you have, but either way I sort of love our morning rituals when we hang out. #WakieWakieNakieNakie #HappyBelatedBirthday #Ainsleyis21 #ILoveMyBestie

2. I love that when it comes to food you have taught me and shown me so much! You have pushed me to be adventurous in different food selections. I mean who would have ever thought I would be obsessed with SUSHI????????? Mmm…..sushi! (ps. We should get sushi when I get paid. Hahahaha) But you also have pushed yourself to try different things that I love….like casseroles. I mean seriously who has never eaten casseroles???? I guess casseroles are only aMidwest thing- weird! Anywho…. Thank you, Ainsley Darling, for showing me a whole new side to food. (pps….next weekend for the rest of your birthday I will take you for that really expensive sushi. Deal? Deal!) #Happy21stBirthday #IloveYou!

Here it is…..THE number one thing I love about Ainsley Ann Kopaczewski, @MyLifeAsAinsley, my best friend, my partner in crime is……………

1. I love YYYOOOUUU, Ainsley Ann Kopaczewski!!!! I know I already listed 20 random things I love about you, but I mostly just love you. I love you!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I love LOVE love you!!!! I love how you are just yourself. No one in the entire world could ever come close to comparison with how awesome, adorable, and amazing you are. (***yes that was an alliteration, be excited!!!!!***) The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you eat, the way you study, the way you sing, the way you read, the way you drive, the way you text, the way you draw, the way you paint, the way you sleep, the way you work, the way you are is so incredible! You are THE MOST extraordinary person I have EVER EVER EVER met!!! And golly gosh darn I am so lucky and so so so so honored to be even considered a friend by you. I love you Ainsley Ann Kopaczewski!!! Happy 21st Birthday! I hope you had a truly wonderful 21st birthday yesterday. You deserve the whole world plus the universe and beyond. I am so excited for what the future has in store for you. I wish only happiness, prosperity, and good health for you. I know that is corny, but for anyone in this world I want you to have it all! I love you more than all these tweets can possible express. Happy Birthday my nondiscrimination friend!!! You and I we are going to turn out alright, I do believe. Best friends, Beef and Bubbles, sister from another mister….we are always and forever! I love you with all my heart and my everything Here is to another 21 years!!! #21ThingsILoveAboutMyBestFriend #AinsleyAnnKopaczewski #Happy21stBirthday



Love, your big, fat friend Brielle RaNae Dunham

Update Schmupdate


Life has seemed to be pretty busy lately, so I here is a slight update at what has been going on in the hood.


Ok I know, I know you are wondering how I can call Baldwin City hood, but really you guys its pretty gangster ghetto. All the old people that live here are so hood they wear their pants below their waist and all the peeps going to Baker are quite the hood rats. Ok ok ok….. fine I lied, Baldwin City is nothing at all like the hood. Baldwin city is full of old retired people, preppy college kids, and young families with 2.5 kids. Hahaha it’s a pretty great place let me tell you, I fit in so well. *cough cough* NOT *cough cough* But in all honest I do like Baldwin, it has got some great little hometown stores and antique store, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! And the people are really nice. Plus you can’t beat a town that is smaller than Spring Hill that has 8 bars, 3 sub sandwich places, 2 gas stations, and a John Deer store. This place I have learned to call home and I truly love it. J


So anyway….what was I saying? …………… Oh yes, my busyness….. A lot of randomness has happened recently, so let me give you a brief summary. Actually, I like lists so here is a list, and it’s in no particular order. 


  • Sprained Ankle – I was walking into work on Friday, the 18th, and I tripped in a pot hole. So naturally, my ankle just crippled under the fall and my huge self. My ankle has been pretty swollen and still is swollen a week later. I have a little bit of bruising all around my foot. But it hurts, and I am just hoping and praying that it heals up properly and I don’t have any fits with it. 🙂

    The pothole that took me down.


    My nasty ankle.



  • 1990 Mercury Sable – Also on Friday, the 18th, I was driving to Olathe from my job in Lawrence to meet up with some friends. I had just past Desoto on K10 and my transmission just randomly blew. So fortunately there was this random parking lot on the side of the road and I pulled into there. I called my dad; he said yes that is definitely your transmission from the sound of things. So my friend Stormie and her passenger Emily came from Olathe to pick me up off the side of the road. So I said goodbye on Friday, March 18, 2011 to Lil Loretta the 1990 Mercury Sable. She had a hard life, but she was a good baby and joined in adventure after adventure with me and my gang. You will be missed my darling Lil Loretta, may you rest in peace.

    This is almost like my Lil Loretta, just take out the front driver side light and the air bag and you have Lil Loretta. 🙂



  • My Sunday Love and My Em Darling – I got to reconnect and hang out with my two lovely ladies, Stormie Colvin and Emily Atwell. Oh how I love them. We only hung out for an hour or so, but it was so refreshing and so wonderful to see them and hug them! They both or so amazing and I just love them dearly! I have missed them so much in my life the past year. Life has just kind of got in the way and we just all kind of drifted in our own directions. Which isn’t bad, it’s just life. : )

    Stormie, Brielle, and Emily


    My Sunday Love, Big Mama, My Em Darling



  • Relatives and Shopping – My Uncle Bryan, Aunt Peggy, Jasmine, and Jesse came into town from Illinois for a weekend visit on Thursday, the 17th, thru Sunday, the 20th. My mom and Aunt Peggy picked me up from Ainsley’s house on Saturday morning and we headed out to go thrift and antique shopping. It was so much fun. We went to a few of my favorite place around Johnson County. The first place we went, which my Aunt Peggy spotted, is called the Clothes Closet. “The Spring Hill Clothes Closet is a non-profit free consignment store. Bring your gently used, clean clothing to donate, or pick up some clothes from the closet!” The second place we went to was my favorite antique store around! It’s called Sentimental Journey Antique. Oh man I love that place, I don’t even know how to describe it. You all just need to go there yourselves…it is AMAZING! Lastly, we went to Savers. My Aunt Peggy had never heard of Savers, so I had to show her this phenomenal place. She loved it! It is definitely a love in my life.



So that is the start of the update schmupdate….. life is always updating so of course there will always be more to come. J

Love, joy, peace, and alliterations everyone! ❤