Currently Tuesday

  • Listening… 
    …to Who You Are by Jessie J, I love this song.
  • Eating…
    …an Einstein Bros. Bagels with non-fat cream cheese.
  • Drinking… 
    …lots of water.
  • Wearing…
    …a black skirt, black leggings, black flip flops, grey blouse, black cardigan, blue earrings, and a blue ring.
  • Feeling… 
    …pain because I currently have periocornitis, which is where my wisdom teeth are infected. They are so swollen! : /
  • Weather… 
    …is a freaking hot 109 degree day. YUCK!
  • Wanting…
    …my very own computer/laptop! Any donations? : )
  • Needing…
    …to get my wisdom teeth removed.  
  • Thinking…
    … about my sweet sister and brother-in-law and their little bambino! They find out tomorrow what the sex of the baby is. So excited!!!!!
  • Enjoying…
    … my date with my best friend Ainsley tonight! Sushi, movies, and shopping! My favorite!

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