Tumblr Challenge


                                 Five ways to win my heart.

1) sing me a lullaby…. 
to me, yes, like a corny over-rehearsed musical. Sing with me, as loud as you can with reckless abandon.

2) honesty is the best policy….
     …I know that is cliché, but tell me straight out, no matter the topic or fear
of the aftermath

3) Run after me and my heart….
     …run after me in my every season, my every emotion, and my every choice. 

4) Suprisingly Super Spontaneous…
      …suprise me, shock me, make me blush, embarrass me (in a cute nice way), take me away, adventure.

5) Dreamer, dream your little heart away…
      …have dreams, many dreams. Little dreams, big dreams, farfetched dreams, realistic dreams, long term dreams, short term dreams, werid dreams, all sorts of dreams and aspirations. 


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