21 Things I Love About My Best Friend, @MyLifeAsAinsley:


Happy Birthday to the most incredible, GORGEOUS, inspirational, hilarious, loving, BEAUTIFUL, wonderful and talented woman who ever walked this planet! I love you Ainsley Ann Kopaczewski! You and I we are best friends and closer than sisters forever and always. ♥


21 Things I Love About My Best Friend, @MyLifeAsAinsley:


21. I love the way you, & only you can pull off wearing a bright orange romper that is 2 sizes to small in the middle of Salvation Army. #HAPPY21stBIRTHDAY

20. I love, LOVE, love how you love your mom & are so incredibly close to her. You are so good to your family. #HAPPY21stBDAY

19. I love the way you chew on your bottom lip/lip studs when you are thinking or bored. You are just too cute. 🙂 #HAPPY21stBIRTHDAY #BFF

18. I love how you appreciate & purchase the little random things in life. i.e. Cat earrings, red hat society crap, jars full of pure awesomeness, batman bobble heads, one-of-a-kind tights, & the list goes on and on. #HappyHappyHappyHappyBirthdayBestFriend


17. I love the fact that you are my soul mate. You have officially gotten into my head & know what I’m going to say before I say it, you know what I am thinking all the time, you somehow just know when to call when I am home crying in bed, you push me to be better, you love me when I am retarded & when I am slightly less retarded, you inspire me in every way possible, you teach me to loosen up & just love the day we are in, you love my chubby bunny self. You have loved me when through so much, when no one else was there, you have cared for me when I have been sick, depressed, heart-broken, stripped down to nothing, you have loved me in my worst and in my best. Jeeze, its crazy we are like an old married couple, who would have ever thought us two would turn out to be best friends? I feel bad for our future husbands, cause man they got A LOT TO DEAL WITH when it comes to our friendship. #HappyBirthdayMyBeautifulBestFriend

16.  I love your incredible ability to know every word to EVERY SONG EVER WRITTEN! You hear a song once & BAMM!! you know all the lyrics. #21stBirthday #BestFriends

15. I love that you are a touchy feely person, ya that sounds creepy, but I love that you aren’t afraid to hug people and get into their faces, not in a rude or uncomfortable manner, but in such a peaceful & comforting manner. You are just so loving at times. 🙂 #BFF #21

14. I love your face!!!!! You are just seriously so freakin cute!!!! Your joyful smile, your glowing eyes filled with happiness & adventure…..ahhhhhhhhhhh you are just so beautifully gorgeous!!!!! #21ThingsILoveAboutMyBestFriend #Ainsleys21stBDAY #BornMay3,1990 #21onMay3,2011

13. I love when you laugh really hard, the laughs of yours that I am referring to, you don’t do often. You mostly do it when I am doing my rare laugh when I am like not breathing, but making that noise. Man, when you laugh at that, oh jeeze….I just loves it!!!! : D #bestmemorieswithmybestfriend #happybirthdayainsley

12. I love YOUr fashion and immaculate style. Period. Enough said. : ) #happyBIRTHDAY

11. I love your deep DEEP deep appreciation for all things gummy and fruity. Swedish Fish and Mike and Ikes, baby! #birthdaylovin10. I love how you get excited, I mean really really REALLY excited when you see cute little old couples. Ok, let’s be realistic, you get excited when you see any elderly person in public. 🙂 #HappyBDAY

10. I love how you get excited, I mean really really REALLY excited when you see cute little old couples. Ok, let’s be realistic, you get excited when you see any elderly person in public. 🙂 #HappyBDAY

9. I love how your name starts with an A and mine with a B. We are the beginning of the alphabet and that is just how we roll. #ballin!!! #21baby #BDAY

8. I love how you always correct me when I FAIL EPICLY at saying phrases or sayings. BABOOSHK or is it BOOSHK or is it BAMBOO or is it BABOON? #bestiesbirthdaytoday

7. I love how you are determined to find the heart of the ocean in my grandma’s belongings. 😉 I love how you love my family & for the most part, some of my family loves you. Lol        #ainsleyrockinNrollinonher21stbday

6. I love how you haven’t removed me from your twitter followers for posting all this on the World Wide Web! #happybdymyLEMONDROPandLOLLIPOP

5. I love you ability to go with the flow of anything & everything. No matter if it is just going out to get some beer & making a detour to get Red Bull & Gatorade or when making decisions on the future & being so comfortable & at peace with just flowing with the winds of life. It’s amazing how you do it. Jeeze oh jeeze how I wish I could flow like you, but I guess my over compulsive planning & your easy-going flow is what makes us perfect for each other. 🙂 #HappyDayAfterYour21stBirthday

4. I love that face you make when you all of a sudden realize I made a racist joke about you. You are my little Japanese Beaner living in the heart of theUnited States. : ) #PuertoRican #Polish #Japanese #American #African #This*hahahaha*Indian #NotThis*dot*Indian #HappyBelatedBirthdayMyMultiCultureGirl

3. I love how you pretend to be asleep when I come down in the morning to wake you up and I sing to you “Wakie Wakie Nakie Nakie! Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning Ainsley! It’s wakie wakie time!!!!” and you don’t even budge you just let me enjoy my time of singing in the morning. But actually I think you don’t budge cause you wait till I get close enough you so you can reach up and slap me and tell me to go back to be. Hahahaha… Not really sure sometimes which motive you have, but either way I sort of love our morning rituals when we hang out. #WakieWakieNakieNakie #HappyBelatedBirthday #Ainsleyis21 #ILoveMyBestie

2. I love that when it comes to food you have taught me and shown me so much! You have pushed me to be adventurous in different food selections. I mean who would have ever thought I would be obsessed with SUSHI????????? Mmm…..sushi! (ps. We should get sushi when I get paid. Hahahaha) But you also have pushed yourself to try different things that I love….like casseroles. I mean seriously who has never eaten casseroles???? I guess casseroles are only aMidwest thing- weird! Anywho…. Thank you, Ainsley Darling, for showing me a whole new side to food. (pps….next weekend for the rest of your birthday I will take you for that really expensive sushi. Deal? Deal!) #Happy21stBirthday #IloveYou!

Here it is…..THE number one thing I love about Ainsley Ann Kopaczewski, @MyLifeAsAinsley, my best friend, my partner in crime is……………

1. I love YYYOOOUUU, Ainsley Ann Kopaczewski!!!! I know I already listed 20 random things I love about you, but I mostly just love you. I love you!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I love LOVE love you!!!! I love how you are just yourself. No one in the entire world could ever come close to comparison with how awesome, adorable, and amazing you are. (***yes that was an alliteration, be excited!!!!!***) The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you eat, the way you study, the way you sing, the way you read, the way you drive, the way you text, the way you draw, the way you paint, the way you sleep, the way you work, the way you are is so incredible! You are THE MOST extraordinary person I have EVER EVER EVER met!!! And golly gosh darn I am so lucky and so so so so honored to be even considered a friend by you. I love you Ainsley Ann Kopaczewski!!! Happy 21st Birthday! I hope you had a truly wonderful 21st birthday yesterday. You deserve the whole world plus the universe and beyond. I am so excited for what the future has in store for you. I wish only happiness, prosperity, and good health for you. I know that is corny, but for anyone in this world I want you to have it all! I love you more than all these tweets can possible express. Happy Birthday my nondiscrimination friend!!! You and I we are going to turn out alright, I do believe. Best friends, Beef and Bubbles, sister from another mister….we are always and forever! I love you with all my heart and my everything Here is to another 21 years!!! #21ThingsILoveAboutMyBestFriend #AinsleyAnnKopaczewski #Happy21stBirthday



Love, your big, fat friend Brielle RaNae Dunham


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