Venting. Voyage. Visual.


Well this week has been interesting, just majorly blah and bleh. Life in general has actually been pretty great this week…


Enough about depressing change and frustrating things, lets talk about something random and lovely. I have lately been really into I love, LOVE, love it!!!!! I love quotes always have been a HUGE lover of quotes. So tumbler visualizes quotes, it’s a bunch of people posting quotes, pictures, and pictures with quotes on them. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!! Follow me on tumblr, I also have it connected to my facebook so you will probably see a lot of my posts if you are friends with me on facebook. 

My facebook:!/brielle.dunham  
My tumblr:
And just for funsies my twitter:!/Brielle_RaNae

 So, I have vented, I have told you of the next stretch of my voyage, and I have told you of my obsession for visual quotes. It’s and ALLITERATION!!!  I LOVE ALLITERATIONS!!!!! I don’t know why, I just always get crazy, overly excited about alliterations. 🙂 So the alliteration of the week is Venting, Voyage, Visual.

 Enjoy the day, whether is a good day or bad day, enjoy something in it and always find an alliteration in each day. 🙂


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