Newbie I Am.


hmmmmmmm….starting a blog, eh? Ok……ok……ok……fine I will.

I have started many blogs in my time, but they end up fizzling out faster than you can say blogging. So here I am trying to start yet another one. I decided that I am just going to write, write whatever is on my heart and in my head. I think the reason my previous blogs have failed so much was because I would write to appeal to my friends, my family, the readers of my blog. But no wonder those blogs fizzled out, fake writing is boring, exhausting.

So, I have been inspired by two ladies who have been blogging for a while. They both have recently blogged about blogging for real, blogging about stuff you love and the real things in life, in your life. So here I am blogging about me, the stuff I love, the things I go through, and the people I encounter.

Check out the ladies below who are blogging genius’!!!

Kaelah –

Jami –


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